Saturday, February 28, 2015

Unbroken: By Laura Hillenbrand

Hey readers, I have recently read a breath taking book called Unbroken. This book was moving and a great story and I think you guys will love it.

Unbroken is a story about Louis Zamperini, who as a child was a criminal, but became a great olympic athlete and war hero. No one thought Louis would amount to anything until his brother Pete convinced him to start running. Due to his brother's encouragement and hard work Louis went on breaking records throughout high school. Louis later made it to the olympics with training and dedication. But his olympic career is put on pause when World War 2 breaks out and he is enlisted into the army air corps. When his plane crashes into the Pacific with his friend Phil and Mac, survival is key with lack of food, fresh water and the danger of sharks. After 47 days on the rafts, only to be captured by the Japanese enemy, Louis is tortured and sent off to a POW Camp (prisoner of war camp) where no good days seem to lie ahead.  This story tells how Louis overcomes and survives these hardships and through it all, his positive spirit prevails.

I really loved this book and I think it is something everyone should get to read. Although this book was extremely long and detailed, as soon as I got through the beginning, the book sped right through. It horrified me but I found that my eyes were glued to its pages. I really recommend that you all read this amazing book!

Your Friend,
Rae Sparks

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