Sunday, May 31, 2015

The Firm: By John Grisham

Hey readers! I read The Firm which is an amazing book and I hope you all give it a try!  The Firm is a riveting book that holds within its' pages conspiracy and page turning action that will encompass any reader.

Mitch McDeere, a Harvard Law School graduate, is getting offers from some of the biggest firms in the country. His dream to work on Wall Street is distracted by a small firm in Memphis called Bendini Lambert and Lock.  Mitch is taken off guard by their offer for a high salary and other enticing bonuses. The firm encourages his healthy marriage with his wife, an elementary school teacher named Abby, and wants a focused person who is desperate for success like Mitch. When he starts working, he is determined to be the best, but after weeks of working at the firm he starts getting suspicious of some deaths that have taken place in the past. When the FBI contacts him, his curiosity is heightened and his dire need to find out the truth is overwhelming. When Mitch discovers the truth, he finds himself in perpetual danger and there is no escaping his new job... he must find a way out on his own.

Although this book is about a law firm it was not boring whatsoever. I found myself so willing to turn it's pages and I didn't want to put it down. This may be an old book but it was new to me and I loved it! I hope you all enjoy!!!

Your Friend,
Rae Sparks

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