Monday, June 15, 2015

Life as We Knew it: By Susan Beth Pfeffer

Hey readers! I'm here to share with you guys one of my all time favorites....Life as We Knew It.

When a series of catastrophic events change the Earth there is a struggle for food and survival.   Miranda, a sophomore student in high school is stunned and in danger when a predicted asteroid hits the moon and brings it closer to earth. The reaction was unexpected so the whole world was unprepared for this event. Miranda, her two brothers and her mom are all trying to survive this together. Throughout the book Miranda is struggling through loss, keeping her family together and saying goodbye to friends. She keeps a diary of her endeavors and through a first hand perspective the reader can feel her emotions and hardships.

This book is a trilogy so if you like this book there are two more to come! The next book is a boy going through the same event and in the third book they meet. I hope you all love this book because I know I do!

Your Friend,
Rae Sparks

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