Sunday, September 20, 2015

Eleanor and Park: By Rainbow Rowell

Hey Readers!  I'm here to share with you a new and improved version of The Fault in our Stars.  It's called Eleanor & Park.  For those of you who read that sad heartbreaking John Green book, you know the depression that comes after reading it. Eleanor & Park has the romantic side, but it is realistic and one can connect better with it.

This story's perspective is switched off between Eleanor and Park. Eleanor is a 16 year old girl who lives in Omaha, Nebraska. She is a big redhead who is coming into a new school. She is bullied by a girl named Tina who makes fun of her size. One day, when Tina is being rude to Eleanor on the bus, Park tells her rudely that she can sit next to him. For the first few days there is an awkward silence between them as Park pretends that she isn't there and just reads his comic books. After a few days, Park notices that Eleanor is reading over his shoulder and soon it becomes a routine of reading the comics on the bus together, but still not exchanging conversation. After a while Park starts giving Eleanor some books to take home with her. While Eleanor is bullied at school, she also has many issues to deal with at home. She has four siblings and a mom who is constantly abused by Richie, their father. They all struggle with having enough food and clothes. To add onto it all, Eleanor struggles with body image and wears baggy clothes because she is self conscious. While there is a lot going on behind the scenes with Eleanor in this book, the main aspect is Eleanor and Park's relationship and it is definitely not a bore.

This story is filled with romance and many prevalent issues such as domestic violence and body image. I think that it is a book that everyone should read especially for all of you who loved the fault in our stars. It is 10x better! I hope you enjoy!

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