Thursday, November 26, 2015

Infinity Lost: By S. Harrison

Hey readers, I hope all is going well. I think that you guys will enjoy this quick read. Those of you who enjoyed Maze Runner or Divergent may like this one:)  I recommend this book to the 12 and under crowd.

This book pertains to the character Infinity Blackstone otherwise known as "Finn".  She is the daughter of a billionaire CEO who owns a huge Technological company. She has never really met her father.  She is raised by a man named Jonah who is her educator and a father-like figure with whom she spends most of her childhood.  She is an intelligent child who spends most of her life being homeschooled. Finn eventually convinces Jonah to send her to a boarding school where the story is being told.

While Finn has lived the first 17 years of her life without any dreams, recently she has been experiencing weird flashback dreams. These dreams that she has are memories, but are slightly altered. She begins questioning events from her past and wonders how they really played out. Additionally, throughout the book Finn desperately wants to meet her dad. When her roommate "Bit" hacks into Blackstone Technologies to get their school to receive a field trip to the place, it sets the whole story into motion.

The author's writing jumbles up a mix of the past and present in this boarding school. There is a love interest in this book but it comes off as a bit forced and there is no real depth to any of the character relationships.

I do think that this is a riveting read for the 12 and under crowd. While I do believe that the science fiction aspect of this book was creatively up to par, some of the scenes and the plot line were not thoughtfully developed. At some parts, I also found the plot to be predictable

All that said, I do recommend this to my younger tween readers. If you like this one it is supposed to be a trilogy!

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