Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Me Before You: By JoJo Moyes

Hey readers,  I'm here today to share a great novel that I hope you all get the opportunity to delve into at some point in your lives. This book, if you look it up, will say that it is a romance novel however, it is so much more. My heart was definitely not prepared for the words that I read.

This book is about Louisa Clark who lives an ordinary life. She has a boyfriend whom she's been with for 9 years, she still lives with her family, her mom, dad, sister and her sister's son. Ever since Louisa was fired from her small paying coffee shop job, she has been looking for work to support her parents and her sister who desires to go to University. When she receives a job as a caretaker with no prior experience in care taking, she was sure it would just be an unbearable job. Since the pay was much better than she would get at any other place that wouldn't require qualifications, she took the job.

Will Traynor, the one whom she would be taking care of for the next six months, is a quadriplegic due to a car accident. When she first met Will, he was withdrawn, moody and obnoxious. Louisa struggled to go to work everyday because of his obnoxious slurs. Since Louisa isn't apt to treat him with utter kindness just because of his condition, he begins to open up to her. Louisa becomes the only one who has made him happy since his accident.

However, Will has a secret that Louisa eventually discovers and has to figure out how to come to terms with it.

I wrote a lot about this book because I truly want you all to read this book. The author did a brilliant job of making the reader love the characters on her pages.  You will laugh, you will cry - just be prepared with a box of tissues!  I have nothing else to say but urge you to read this book!  This book has made it to my top 5.  And if you do, you can look forward to the movie which I heard is coming out in March 2016.

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