Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The Last Time We Say Goodbye: By Cynthia Hand

Hey readers! I know I reviewed a sad book last time but reading another one was definitely worth the read.

Let me get right to it.

Lex, an incredibly smart senior, used to be happy with her boyfriend Steven, her brother Tyler and her dedicated mom. However, when her brother commits suicide her whole world crumbles and her happy life is not exactly a paradise anymore. Her friends see her as someone who is going to break at any moment.

Lex is having dreams about Tyler, smelling him in the house and even hallucinating about him in the mirror or back seat of her car. She decides not to tell anyone of these occurrences but she can't help but to believe that Tyler is trying to tell her something.  This book is not a ghost book, so let's just get that straight right now. However Lex is discovering secrets about that night before Tyler died and that changes her whole perspective on things.

This book portrays feelings of grief in a whole new light and truly gave me insight. I truly enjoyed this book for it was a fast paced read and kept me interested.  My only criticism is its predictability. I found that Lex's growth as a character was extremely predictable and that aspect of the book ticked me off a bit. Despite this minor flaw I undoubtedly recommend this book. This book had me wanting to get up and hug my siblings and tell them how much I love them, it was truly heart wrenching and definitely provoked a roller coaster of emotions.

I hope you all give it a try:)

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