Friday, September 2, 2016

The Fixer: by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Hey readers, I hope you all had a great summer! I read an amazing series this summer and that I believe many of you will enjoy!  Have any of you seen Scandal? I have never actually watched the full series but I have, in fact, seen a few episodes and Olivia Pope and Ivy Kendrick (Tess's older sister) share many of the same qualities. Even though I am not that familiar with the show, if any of you are into Scandal this would definitely be a book you would like.

This book is about Tess Kendrick who lived her whole life with her grandfather on a ranch, when she was suddenly taken by her sister Ivy to Washington DC.  She then was thrown into an unknown world full of political drama and power hungry people. When she was enrolled in Hardwicke Academy, which is filled with kids connected to those rich and powerful people, she found herself finding out more about her sister and about the drama centered around these kids. As Tess gets wrapped into her sister Ivy's drama she finds herself in a sticky situation.

While I love the plot of this book, I also find Tess a very likable character to connect with. I think it is extremely important to have a protagonist that the reader likes and is a great person to root for, and that, for me, is Tess.

This is definitely not a book I thought I would be into. I am not usually very interested in politics however, this is a great political thriller and will surprise you with twists back to back. I actually found my heart racing with fear as I was reading. I hope you all get your hands on this amazing series! The next book in the series is called The Long Game for those of you who are interested.


Your Friend,
Rae Sparks


  1. This series sounds thrilling! I can't wait to dive in to it! Thank you Rae Sparks!

  2. It was definitely a good one! Enjoy!!
    Your friend,
    Rae Sparks