Monday, February 13, 2017

Room: By Emma Donoghue

Hey readers, I have a new book for you all to read, as always.  I will warn you though, it is quite upsetting and is meant more for the teen and adult crowd than tweens.

Room is a story told by 5 year old Jack.  What makes this novel so intriguing is that as a reader you understand everything the way Jack does, as a 5 year old.

Jack and his Ma have been in Room for as long as he can can remember. The Room that they live in is a small shed with only a skylight for sunlight. They have a TV, wardrobe, bathtub, toilet, kitchen and a bed. It is Jack's whole world.

Jack has only encountered 2 people in his life: his mother who he calls Ma and Old Nick. Old Nick is the reason that they are in Room. He has held them captive there for 7 years. To add to the craziness Jack has never been in the outside world, nor does he know that there is an outside world.  Room is his whole universe. It is really hard to grasp how little Jack knows about the world he lives in. As the reader though, you know that there is more to the world than just Room.

And, so does Ma.  She knows this is no way to live so she devises a plan for them to escape....but she needs to rely on a Jack to follow through with the craziness and riskiness of the plan. My heart was truly pounding as I read how they planned to escape. It was definitely suspenseful.

I love the whole idea that the novel is told by the perspective of such a young child. When I heard about this novel, I really did not know if I would enjoy the book being told by a child's perspective. It seemed as if the complexity of the novel would be lost by a child's perspective. But Emma was able to keep the sophisticated nature of the novel, all while using the voice of a 5 year old! Quite impressive. I was in awe at the development of Jack's mind as time progressed and he learned about the world.

Although I could not put it down, I was not entirely pleased with the ending. You can form your own opinion.  I did, however, find it very intriguing and I would recommend that you read it and watch the movie afterward so you can appreciate the novel more (it had a better ending by the way).

I hope you enjoy!

Your Friend,
Rae Sparks