Monday, March 27, 2017

The Mind Readers: By Lori Brighton

Hey readers!  I have breezed through the first book in the Mind Reader series. Those who liked Divergent will definelty enjoy this one. I must say though that this book is more for my tween crowd, however, I know adults who very much enjoyed it too!

Cameron is anything but normal. I mean how can she be when she is a mind reader?! Her ability, however, is a secret that she and her grandma keep from the world. This ability keeps her and her grandmother constantly on the move, with her grandmother forcing Cameron to move throughout her childhood in order to protect her from people who she is told will do her harm and abuse her powers.

Cameron seems to have her life under control, hiding her powers behind a facade of normalcy until Lewis waltzes into the picture.

Lewis, aka a hunk, tempts Cameron with not only his looks, but his promise to take her to a place where she could learn more than to just read minds. Cameron is in shock to learn that there are others like her and is tempted by the freedom he offers her.

Cameron soon realizes she is more powerful than she previously believed and she gets caught up in a war where she doesn't know what is right or wrong.        

I definitely enjoyed this book and I have to say it was very fast paced and easy to get through. I loved the fluidity between the "mind reading" and the dialogue. Very well done! There is definelty plenty of suspense to keep anyone interested.

My only reservations about this book is that the protagonist was, at times, not very likable.  I found myself regularly annoyed with her and her oversensitivity.  I also found her decisions annoying as well and I found myself saying,"Did you seriously just do that!"

Despite these reservations, the ending definitely made it worth the read and I found myself eager to pick up the next book, reading it in merely 2 days. I intend to finish the series, but for now I hope you all get started on the first book!

Your Friend,
Rae Sparks

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  1. Fabulous review! Your summary and character analysis have intrigued me. I know a tween who would adore this book series! Thanks Rae Sparks!